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Studying abroad offer you the ability to boost your profession, career and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Whether you decide to pursue your education in Canada, United States, the United Kingdom, Australia or Europe, all of these countries have developed infrastructure, top-notch faculty and other resources that will benefit students and further their careers in a variety of ways.

Some of the advantages of studying abroad are given below:

  • Observing a distinct method of instruction, one learns a new teaching methodology or style while studying abroad because every country has a different manner of imparting knowledge and education.
  • Discovering a new culture you must adjust to the culture of the country you choose for your higher education and comprehend its viewpoint. Your perspective will broaden and your understanding of many cultures will increase.
  • Studying abroad can open up chances for you that you may not have known about or that were not available in your native country.
  • Opportunities abound in practically every field in nations like Canada, the USA, the UK, and others enhance or pick up a new language. You will either learn to speak English better or pick up a new language, which is usually advantageous for your profession or just for fun, whether you travel to an English-speaking nation or any other European country.
  • Studying abroad benefits various aspects of your life. It helps in boosting your career and chances while also enhancing your capacity to adapt, motivate you in your life, communication skills and self-assurance.
  • When you study abroad, you can encounter a lot of new things and explore various adventurous activities.

GIEC Global UK is the best agency for studying abroad. We provide comprehensive assistance for students seeking education options overseas through our broad network of universities and colleges worldwide. Our team of best overseas education consultants provide customized support in navigating the application process, selecting the appropriate program and courses. Whether you want to study abroad for higher education, language courses, or vocational training, GIEC Global UK, best student visa consultant, is dedicated to make your dream of studying abroad a reality by improving your academic and cultural experiences.

Best Agency for Studying Abroad


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Different types of Study Abroad Programs

Intensive Language program

Language Intensive Program can be challenging for some children who desire to study a new language on their own or from a school. The students who wish to learn a specific language by actually being in that place and studying it in depth should enroll in one of these intense language program.

Full Degree

When it comes to studying abroad, full degree programs or courses are often chosen by international students. Duration of a full degree may vary in the USA and Canada in terms of length. In the Unites States, a Bachelors degree can be 4 years whereas in Canada and the UK it can be 3 years depending on the program.

internship program

Some programs allows you to do internship in the field of your course. It allows you to gain more practical knowledge and allows you to implement things you studied.

This can also be a a plus point for your resume.

Steps for Visa Application

1. Requirements

Based on the country you are applying to, the requirements may vary for obtaining a student visa. It is very important to review the eligibility criteria and specific requirements of the country in which you intend to study. These requirements may include previous educational qualification, certification and financial consideration. Our team of best overseas education consultants in GIEC Global UK can guide and assist you to gather requirements.

2. Plan Your Way

Give enough time for the application of student visa. It typically takes 2-3 months and also be prepares for potential delays that might occur in receiving the university offer letter. It is advisable to commence the application process at least 6 months before the application process via consultancy assistance or independently.

3. University Requirements

Along with student visa requirements, it is also very important to review the requirements of the University carefully. The requirements may include financial obligations, past educational achievements, or relevant work experience. GIEC Global UK being the best agency for studying abroad in London, UK, our expert and best overseas education consultants can provide you more information about the university requirements.

4. Application Form

The application form for different university or college is different from each other. All required fields of the form are to be filler carefully. 

GIEC Global UK, best agency for studying abroad in London, UK, provides support to the students to successfully fill out the application forms for studying abroad.

5. Offer or Acceptance Letter

Once the application form has been approved by the University or college, you will receive an acceptance/offer letter or CoE. 

Best student visa consultant in London, UK, GIEC Global UK can assist you in obtaining an unconditional CoE.

6. Apply Visa

After receiving the CoE or offer letter for the choosen University or college, it is recommended to commence the application process of the visa through the best agency for studying abroad like GIEC Global UK.

Requirements for Studying Abroad

Based on the Countries and Universities you are applying to study abroad, the eligibility criteria may be different. It is crucial to review specific requirements for each university and country to understand the required documents. 

GIEC Global offers comprehensive checklist and assistance throughout the admission and visa processing.

The basic documents that are required are given below:

High School or highest education qualification certificate

Proof of Funds

Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Valid Passport

Language Proficiency

Proof of Enrollment

Proof of English Proficiency (PTE, IELTS, etc.)

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global uK

Visa guidance and guidance on requirements of various countries, documentation, application procedure

Application preparation including preparation of documentation for visa application, ensuring accuracy and completeness

Selection of country, university and courses based on your goals, interest and preference

Handle application submission ensuring all required documents and forms are correctly submitted

If required, coaching for interview and preparation to help students confidently navigate the process of interview

Guidance financial documentation

Assistance in procuring required insurance policies

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Why should I go to study in abroad?

Studying abroad gives you an exposure to multiple cultures, improve your language, provides you personal development and job opportunities. GIEC Global Uk can assist you this changing life experience.

How can GIEC Global UK assist me with my plans to study abroad?

One of the best educational and migration consultant, GIEC Global UK can assist you with your experience while studying abroad by offering advice and guidance in selecting appropriate courses, locations, managing your application process.

Which countries does GIEC Global UK collaborate with?

GIEC Global UK collaborates with institutions in countries like Australia, Dubai, UK, New Zealand, Canada and many more, providing you solutions based on your academic preferences and interests.

How is the application process like to study abroad?

Different countries and organizations have different application process. By assisting you to gather the required paperwork, and understand any particular requirements for your preferred study location, GIEC Global streamlines this procedures.

Am I able to work while studying abroad?

Many countries have provided permit for international students to work part time in order to support themselves and get useful experience. GIEC Global UK can provide you information on the laws for employment and opportunities in the place you want.

How can I ensure my visa application is successful?

To assist you understand the requirements, gather necessary documents and manage the application process to increase your chances of acceptance, GIEC Global UK offers experienced guidance on visa application.

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