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 An economically well developed foreign country like Australia, USA, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, etc. has more infrastructure and opportunities for anyone who is skilled and talented. Moving and working abroad where your skills and talents are best rewarded, boost your career and skills to another level. Also, working abroad can be a significant experience with number of benefits. It allows an individual to experience new culture, cultivate a greater feeling of independence and adaptability. It allows provides you an exposure to different work culture, possibilities of networking and learn new skills. Working abroad can also build your confidence and boost your personal growth.

GIEC Global UK is the best agency for working abroad. GIEC Global UK includes knowledgeable team of overseas work consultants who can determine your eligibility for work visas and provide you guidance during your application process. Our team can also provide you insight of job markets and assist you with document preparation. We, best consultancy for foreign jobs can assist you with the best visa consultations in getting your work permit or visa for any country.

Why Work Abroad?

Improve the quality of life

Meet new people from different places and different personalitites

Experience different work culture

Experience different cultures and festivals

Beating comfort zone

Learn new skills

Improved communication skills

Thriving Abroad

Top Work Destinations We Recommend

GIEC Global UK, best agency for working abroad advises many top education, migration and employment prospects based on the preference and goals of yours. We have listed out some of the top destinations for working abroad. Each of these countries has distinct advantages, such as powerful job markets, cultural experiences and high quality of life. With the support of best agency for working abroad, GIEC Global UK, and their in depth knowledge of these destinations, you can make informed decision about your selected destination and ensure a successful and smooth travel overseas.

Agency for Working Abroad

Work in Ireland

Rich cultural diversity, job opportunities, amiable residents, work-life harmony, and beautiful scenery.

Why choose United States

Work in United States

Opportunity for all, economic strength, innovation, career advancement, and cultural vitality.


Work in Australia

High salaries, a balance between work and life, career options, a diversified culture, and stunning scenery.

Overseas Work Consultants

Work in New Zealand

Work-life harmony, an active lifestyle outside, a welcoming culture, job prospects, and scenic splendor.

why choose Canada

Work in Canada

Paying jobs, a good work-life balance, openness to immigrants, a diversified culture, and stunning scenery.

London symbols with BIG BEN, DOUBLE DECKER BUSES and Red Phone Booth in England, UK

Work in United Kingdom

Competitive pay, professional advancement, a broad employment market, connections, and cultural experiences.

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global UK

Provide reliable and current information, ensuring that you are aware of the needs and options that are open to you.

We access your unique circumstances including your qualifications, skills, employment offers and objectives and then suggest the best work permit category.

We help you gather and arrange all the paperwork required to submit during your application process.

We take care of filing your application to the appropriate immigration authorities and handling any follow up actions.

We take care of application process to help you save time and stress.

We ensure that the job offer and supporting documents meet the immigration requirements.

We make sure that your application complies with all the legal requirements reducing the possibility of mistakes that can result to rejection.

For any queries and information about migration, working abroad, visa, education, etc., please contact best agency for working abroad, GIEC Global UK today.

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frequently asked questions

You can learn more from our asked questions

Can a UK resident who possesses a particular area of expertise or skill set work abroad?

Yes, governments frequently look for specialized talent, particularly in fields like engineering, technology and healthcare.

What steps must a UK resident take to get a work visa in order to work abroad?

GIEC Global UK can help you through the methods, prerequisite and processing timeframes for visa applications for various countries.

Am I eligible to work abroad if I just recently graduated from a UK university?

Yes a lot of nations give young graduates opportunity to work abroad on particular post study work visa.

Can a UK resident who is a healthcare or medical practitioner work abroad?

Yes, a lot of countries are looking for qualified health workers and GIEC Global UK can help you into their options.

Can I work abroad if I have dependents such as kids or elderly parents?

Some visas do permit you to bring family members with you, although it depends on the country and type of visa you have.

Can I work overseas if I don’t speak the local language as a UK resident?

Yes, a lot of international workplaces are in English; however job and country specific language requirements could apply.

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