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For those seeking a wide range of employment opportunities, international exposure, and diverse cultural experience, the United Kingdom offers an attractive work environment. The UK offers numerous opportunities for career advancement due to its strong economy, world-class educational institutions, and robust job market.

A trusted connection between aspiring professionals and their UK employment goals is provided by best UK work visa consultants GIEC Global UK. Best UK Work Permit Visa Consultants in GIEC Global UK have extensive experience and can provide individualized advice on visa categories, eligibility requirements, and application procedures. By utilizing their in-depth understanding of the UK immigration scene, GIEC Global UK makes sure that people have access to the required information and assistance to find satisfying employment possibilities in the UK.

Most Demanded Job Categories

it & software development

healthcare & medical professionals

finance & banking


education & teaching

Creative arts & design

business management & consulting

marketing & public relations

environemental & renewable energy

Advantages of Working in UK

Access to healthcare and social services to all permanent residents.

High quality education system with renowned and prestigious universities and institutions offering wide range of courses and degrees to choose from.

Multi cultural experience

Wide range of job opportunities to increase your professional development

Quality of life

Types of Work Permit in UK

There are unique qualifying requirements, circumstances, and requirements for each type of work visa. Because of these possibilities, UK is a desirable and appealing location for job seekers from a variety of professions, circumstances, and industries.

It’s crucial to remember that laws and visa requirements in Ireland are subject to change. Consult the official website of the relevant government authorities for the most current and accurate information, or ask our best UK Work Permit Visa Consultants at Best UK Work Visa Consultants GIEC Global for guidance. To be eligible to work abroad, candidates must follow certain documents and application procedures for each type of visa.

Tier 2 (General) Visa

For skilled employees who have received an employment offer from a UK firm. 

Tier 2 (Intra-Company Transfer) Visa

For multinational companies where they are able to transfer employees to their company’s UK branch.

Tier 5 (Temporary Worker) Visa

A number of subcategories including the Youth Mobility Scheme (for young adults from specific nations), Government Authorized Exchange (for research, training and international government programs) and other specific job opportunities.

Tier 1 (Entrepreneue) Visa

For people who want to start or manage a business in the UK and it requires a minimum investment as well as the capacity to meet other eligibility requirements.

Tier 1 (Investor) Visa

People with high net worth can apply for this visa in order to invest a significant amount of money in the UK.

Ancestry Visa

It is for the commonwealth citizens with a grandparent who was born in the UK. It allows them to work, study and reside in the UK.

Startup and Innovator Visas

For people with innovative company ideas intended for early stage entrepreneurs

Global Talent Visa

For people who excel in a number of sectors, including science, technology, arts and culture.

Seasonal Worker Visa

Designed to relieve labor shortages in agricultural sector.

Documents Required

Valid passport

Visa application form

Passport size photos

Proof of identity like birth certificates or national id cards

Evidence that you have enough fund to support your expenses during your stay in UK

English Language Proficiency

Proof of qualification and certifications and previous work experience

Job offer letter if applicable

Documents for sponsorship if applicable

Certificate for criminal record if required

Additional documents may be required depending on the visa category you are applying

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global UK

Provide reliable and current information, ensuring that you are aware of the needs and options that are open to you.

We access your unique circumstances including your qualifications, skills, employment offers and objectives and then suggest the best work permit category.

We help you gather and arrange all the paperwork required to submit during your application process.

We take care of filing your application to the appropriate immigration authorities and handling any follow up actions.

We take care of application process to help you save time and stress.

We ensure that the job offer and supporting documents meet the immigration requirements.

We make sure that your application complies with all the legal requirements reducing the possibility of mistakes that can result to rejection.

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frequently asked questions

You can learn more from our asked questions

If I hold a dual citizenship with another country, am I allowed to work in the UK?

In most cases, having dual citizenship has no impact on you permit to work in the UK.

Does working in the UK require a National Insurance Number?

A National Insurance Number is necessary to ensure that you are correctly registered for taxes and benefits, even though you can begin working without one.

Can I bring my family to the UK with me while I work there?

You can bring family members in the UK, however you may need to fulfill specific requirements and submit an application for the right family visa. GIEC Global UK can provide assistance with the submission of the application.

If I’m based in England, may I work in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

You don’t need any additional licenses to work anywhere in the UK, including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How can I submit an application for a family member who is not a UK citizen?

You would need to submit an application for a family visa, which has special eligibility requirements for your non-citizen family members. GIEC Global UK can provide you guidance and assist you with the application submission.

How do I demonstrate my English Language ability to particular jobs?

As a citizen of the UK, you typically won’t need to provide proof of your English language ability; however some businesses might have particular language demands.

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