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An unforgettable trip awaits visitors to Dubai, a city that expertly brings together heritage and today. All traveler’s interests are catered to by Dubai’s numerous attractions, which range from the modern skyscrapers of the Dubai Marina to the historical gems of the old Al Fahidi Historic District. Discover the vibrant souks, engage in excellent shopping, or enjoy the Burj Khalifa’s breath-taking views. Dubai promises an exceptional experience with its opulent resorts, exciting nightlife, and iconic sites like the Palm Jumeirah.

GIEC Global is the best Dubai visit visa agency based in London, UK offering valuable assistance to individuals organizing travels to Dubai. The complexity of navigating visa applications and travel regulations can be made easier by the help of our best agent for Dubai visa.. The experienced and knowledgeable staff here can provide advice on the particular visa requirements, required paperwork, and application processes for your trip to Dubai, whether it’s for pleasure, business, or family visits. Travelers may comfortably set out on their trip to Dubai with the assistance of best Dubai visit visa agency, GIEC Global UK, knowing that the logistics are handled and they can fully take advantage of the amazing activities the city has to offer.

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Types of Visitor Visas

The availability of these visas may change depending on your nationality and other criteria, so it’s important to be aware that visa rules are subject to change. Before making travel arrangements, it is advised to confirm the most recent information regarding the tourist visas available for your particular circumstances on the official website of the Dubai immigration authorities or by speaking with Best Agent for Dubai Visa in GIEC Global UK.

30 Day Tourist Visa

Tourists with the permitted visas can stay in Dubai for a maximum of 30 days and for additional 30 days extra charge needs to be paid.

96 Hour Transit Visa

If you have a stop in Dubai, you might be able to obtain a 96 hour transit visa. In this visa you are allowed to stay in Dubai for maximum of 96 hours which is 4 days with the visa.

14 Day Service Visa

A 14 day service visa is suitable for the visitors who are travelling to Dubai to attend conferences, exhibitions or other events.

90 Day Tourist Visa

This visa is best for those who are planning an extended stay in Dubai since it allows them to stay in Dubai for up to 90 days.

Multi Entry Tourist Visa

This visa permits visitors to enter into Dubai multiple times with stays that do not exceed 30 days each.

Document Requirements

Given below are the list of most basic document requirements for the application of visa for your travel to Dubai. However, the requirements may differ based on your nationality and the type of visa you are applying.

GIEC Global UK is the best immigration agency Dubai in United Kingdom who can provide detailed guidance and information on specific visa requirements, the application process, and any additional documentation you may require based on your unique circumstances. Best agent for Dubai visa from GIEC Global UK can ensure you have all of the necessary documentation to ensure a successful and trouble-free journey to Dubai.

Valid Passport

Visa application form which can be done through official website of Dubai immigration authorities or via us

Passport sized photo

Provide details of travel plans which includes 

Provide documentation that includes your place of stay during your visit

Evidence of sufficient fund to cover your expenses during your stay 

Clear copy of Passport bio page and any previous UAE visas.

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global UK

Expert guidance on requirements of visa for different countries

Help you understand the required documentation, eligibility criteria and procedures of application

Assistance in preparation of documents

Handles the submission of application ensuring documents are submitted correctly

If required, we provide assistance to prepare for interviews

Help secure suitable insurance coverage

Guidance on required financial documentation

Provide information on health related requirements, medical certificates, vaccinations, etc.

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frequently asked questions

You can learn more from our asked questions

Do I require a visa to travel to Dubai?

Most travelers do require a valid visa in order to enter Dubai. With regard to the visa application process, GIEC Global UK can offer assistance.

What kinds of visas are offered to travel to Dubai?

There are various different types of visas, including business, transit and tourist visas. GIEC Global UK can assist you in making the best decision.

What documents do I need to submit when I apply for a visa to Dubai?

A current passport, completed visa application, evidence of funds may all be needed. A complete list can be obtained from GIEC Global UK.

When is the best time to travel to Dubai?

Dubai experiences mild weather all year long. GIEC Global UK can make recommendation according to your preferences and objectives.

What are some of Dubai’s well known tourist destinations?

The Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Mall, the Palm Jumeirah and many more cultural destinations like the Dubai museum are just a few of the city’s well known monuments.

Can GIEC Global UK help me extend my stay in Dubai?

Yes, if you want to extend your stay, we can offer you guidance on visa extensions or other possibilities.

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