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Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates, is well-known for its advanced architecture, opulent way of life, and active cultural scene. Dubai is home to numerous technical marvels, from the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa, to the breathtaking Palm Jumeirah artificial island. The city is a prominent destination for visitors, business travelers, and expatriates looking for a distinctive and exciting experience since it offers a captivating fusion of traditional Arabian heritage and modern cosmopolitan living.

When it comes to exploring educational options in Dubai, GIEC Global UK, best overseas education consultants Dubai, is the best choice for you. Study in Dubai, select your choice of program and universities on the basis of your preference and qualification with out team of experts. Allow GIEC Global UK,  Dubai overseas consultancy, to be your gateway to a successful academic experience in Dubai.

Why choose Dubai?

International students have a fantastic opportunity to study in Dubai and acquire an excellent education in a truly global setting. Numerous highly regarded universities and educational institutions are located in the city, and they provide a wide range of academic programs to accommodate different interests and career objectives. Dubai’s advantageous position as a significant hub for international trade and business provides doors to interesting networking possibilities and potential professional advancement. Studying in Dubai guarantees academic quality and gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a cosmopolitan setting and experience the rich cultural tapestry of the Middle East. It also has state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge research centers, and a diverse student community.

If you are looking for any assistance or guidance for your educational journey to Dubai from UK, contact best overseas education consultancy in London, GIEC Global UK, today.

World Class Education

Dubai is home to reputable universities and colleges that provide excellent education and internationally recognized credentials, giving students an advantage in the global employment market.

Multicultural Environment

Students who study in Dubai are exposed to a multicultural environment that fosters intercultural dialogue and advances awareness of other cultures.

Opportunities for Cutting Edge Research

Australian institutions are at the forefront of innovation and research. Students get the opportunity to work on cutting-edge research projects and collaborate with top professors in their specialities.

Location is Strategic

At the cross roads of Asia, Europe, and Africa, Dubai offers exceptional networking opportunities and acts as a hub for international trade and economic ties.

Growing Economy

Students can obtain real-world experience and improve their career chances thanks to the abundance of internship and job opportunities presented by Dubai’s booming economy.

Modern Infrastructure

The city has cutting-edge campuses, advanced research facilities, and cutting-edge technology, which creates an ideal learning environment for students.

Global Business Studies (GBS) Dubai

Studying at GBS Dubai involves joining a group of students dedicated to making a difference in the world and obtaining a credential for a better future! Students can find exciting opportunity to immerse themselves in the international commerce world with Global Business Studies.

Students can embark on a transforming journey toward an internationally focused business education in the bustling cities of Dubai with best overseas education consultants Dubai, GIEC Global UK.

Advantages of Studying in GBS Dubai

IELTS is not required

Flexible study times

Up to 25% Scholarships

Gap in Age is accepted

Students with prior visa rejections are eligible to apply

Options for applying for a UAE Golden Visa

Application Process

Passport is required

Transcripts of academic qualifications

English proficiency documents, if available

Give an interview over the phone with the admission staff

Obtain the offer letter

Accept the offer letter and pay the tuition deposit, also the cost of processing visa

Apply visa

Arrangements for travel and accomodation

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global uK

Visa guidance and guidance on requirements of various countries, documentation, application procedure

Application preparation including preparation of documentation for visa application, ensuring accuracy and completeness

Selection of country, university and courses based on your goals, interest and preference

Handle application submission ensuring all required documents and forms are correctly submitted

If required, coaching for interview and preparation to help students confidently navigate the process of interview

Guidance financial documentation

Assistance in procuring required insurance policies

Please contact our overseas education consultants Dubai to explore your educational and migration requirements.

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How can GIEC Global UK assist with the university admission process in Dubai?

GIEC Global UK assists you choose the best universities, gather the necessary documents and submit application for the programs you want to pursue in Dubai.

Why choose I choose to study in Dubai instead of UK?

Studying in Dubai provides a special combination of quality education, exposure to multi culture and dynamic cultural experiences. For students looking to pursue an overseas education, Dubai is of the excellent option to choose from due to its renowned contemporary infrastructure and wide range of educational possibilities.

What are the conditions and requirements to study in Dubai?

Based on the type and length of course, the requirements may differ. GIEC Global UK can make the process go smoothly by helping you understand and complete the appropriate visa requirements.

While I’m studying in Dubai, can I work part time?

Yes, a lot of universities in Dubai permit international students to work part time while they are studying. Information about employment possibilities and work laws is available from GIEC Global UK.

Are international students allowed to bring their partner to Dubai?

Students may be able to bring a companion to Dubai. Dubai permits students to sponsor their spouses or partner’s visa. The rules and standards for bringing a spouse however can differ and may be subject to specific requirements. The particular rules and procedures for bringing a partner to Dubai while studying can be explained by GIEC Global UK.

How does GIEC Global UK assist students when they apply to study in Dubai?

Our expert advisors assist students with selecting appropriate universities, navigating application rules and gathering required documentation. By streaming the application procedure, we want to improve your chances of being accepted.

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