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GIEC Global UK has established itself as the best immigration agent in the United Kingdom, popular for providing great immigration service to Canada, Australia, USA, Europe, Dubai and many more countries.  Best UK Immigration advisor, GIEC Global UK stands out as a top choice for people who are looking to relocate worldwide because of its commitment to client success. The team of best UK immigration visa consultants understand the procedure for immigration in these destination countries, ensuring that clients receive appropriate information and support throughout the application process of visa.

The approach to tailored service to each client’s specific goals and preferences sets GIEC Global UK apart from others. Our UK immigration advisors go above and beyond to facilitate a seamless and successful process from managing complex visa applications, providing educational options, etc. 

Why Migrate?

Moving abroad enables an individual to access more opportunities, provide a better lifestyle, world class education and business opportunities. Moving abroad, choose where to go, our UK immigration advisor are here to help you provide the best guidance and choose best pathway for the betterment of your life.

Improve the quality of life

Meet new people and make new friends

Experience different work culture

Experience different cultures and festivals

Beating comfort zone

Your pathway to successful migration

Uncover the Best Country to Migrate

why choose Canada

Migrate to Canada

Quality healthcare, a variety of cultural experiences, safe environments, and beautiful scenery.

Why choose United States

Migrate to United States

Possibilities, creativity, diversity, higher education, a robust economy, and cultural diversity.


Migrate to Australia

Beautiful scenery, high-quality education, employment prospects, a welcoming culture, and a good work-life balance.

Why choose Europe

Migrate to Europe

Rich cultural heritage, possibilities for travel, higher education, and work-life harmony.

Travel and Visa Consultant

Migrate to Dubai

Tax-free income, a modern lifestyle, career prospects, a lively culture, and modern infrastructure.

London symbols with BIG BEN, DOUBLE DECKER BUSES and Red Phone Booth in England, UK

Migrate to United Kingdom

Good healthcare, diversified cultures, high-quality education, and historical legacy.

Navigating Visa Categories

Choosing and navigating visa categories can be difficult and time consuming process. You need to determine why you are travelling or relocating, as visa categories have their own purposes such as business, family reunion, tourist, education, etc. After that you have to decide your goal and then gather requirements for visa taking aspects like length of stay, eligibility criteria and paperwork into account. 

Given below are some of the most common visa category types:

how to migrate abroad?



Permanent residency

Investment/ Entrepreneur

Who is Eligible to Migrate?

Although the eligibility requirements differ from country to country, the basic requirements are almost the same. If you have a bachelor’s degree or a much better certification, you have an edge in your profile. For example, you must have job experience of at least three years in a field that is in demand in that particular country.

Language proficiency is another need for qualifying. In Canada and Australia, you must demonstrate your English Language skills by taking standardized tests like PTE, IELTS, etc.

When it comes to checking your eligibility for various nations, Best Migration Agent GIEC Global UK is the best choice for you. Their UK immigration agent can give you a through review based on your preference, education qualification, work experience and your goals. Whether you are thinking of migrating to Canada, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia and European countries, best immigration agent GIEC Global UK can help. We provide you thorough details so that you can make informed migration details, increasing chances of successful and fulfilling migration to your selected destination.

How long does it take to Migrate Abroad?

The duration for obtaining migration visa may vary depending on the country and the type of visa you are applying. GIEC Global UK Best Immigration Agent UK can provide you more information regarding the migration. 

It takes up to 6-12 months for Canada and Australia. The time can be different from country to country since they have their own migration process and documentation.

The more understanding you have with the process, the less time it takes it may take.

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global UK

Provide reliable and current information, ensuring that you are aware of the needs and options that are open to you.

We access your unique circumstances including your qualifications, skills, employment offers and objectives and then suggest the best work permit category.

We help you gather and arrange all the paperwork required to submit during your application process.

We take care of filing your application to the appropriate immigration authorities and handling any follow up actions.

We take care of application process to help you save time and stress.

We ensure that the supporting documents meet the immigration requirements.

We make sure that your application complies with all the legal requirements reducing the possibility of mistakes that can result to rejection.

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Why should I think about studying in USA?

USA gives you an access to an excellent education system, a wide range of academic alternatives and a multi-cultural experience. For the students who are looking for a degree that is recognized around the world, colleges and universities in US are excellent choice due to the possibilities of research.

Are degrees from the US accepted in UK universities?

Yes, the degrees earned at reputable US universities are recognized in the UK. However, there might be a need of going through a process for degree recognition based on your career goals.

What are the conditions and requirements to study in the US?

Depending on the type of course and length of stay, the visa requirements may vary. GIEC Global UK can assist you with understanding and gathering the requirements for the visa, making it easier and smoother for you.

Am I able to work part time while I study in the US?

Yes, international students with F-1 visas are permitted to work part time on campus while they are enrolled in classes. We can provide you information related to the possibilities of employment and work regulations.

Are there any scholarships available for students who want to study in the US?

Yes, GIEC Global UK can assist you to find a variety of scholarships provided by universities and institutions in the US. We provide support when you are applying for scholarships, improving your chances of receiving scholarship.

Is it possible to transfer credits from a UK university to a US university?

Different institutions have different credit transfer policies. GIEC Global UK can offer you advice on the credit transfer procedure and assist you in determining which credits may be recognized by your preferred US institution

Professional Accreditation


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