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Best Consultant for USA Visit Visa

A thrilling journey into a country with a variety of landscapes, customs, and experiences is traveling to the USA. The USA offers a wide variety of attractions that cater to every interest, from the famous skyline of New York City to the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon. Discover Washington, D.C.’s historical sites, Los Angeles’ vibrant entertainment scene, or Nashville’s pulsating music scene. The USA promises a fascinating journey with its melting pot of cultures, gastronomic delights, and world-class museums.

GIEC Global UK is the best consultant for USA Visit Visa and has the team of best US visitor visa consultants providing excellent guide for anyone who wants to travel to the USA. The complex visa application process might be difficult to navigate, but the experience of GIEC Global UK makes it easier. Whether you’re going on vacation, business, or to see family, their knowledgeable US visitor visa consultants can walk you through the essential papers, application, and visa requirements. Your visa application will be properly prepared thanks to GIEC Global UK individualized guidance, improving your chances of success. Travelers may confidently concentrate on the fun of exploring the USA’s various landscapes and dynamic cities with their help.

Best Consultant for USA Visit Visa

Los Angeles

Consultant for USA Visit Visa

New York

US Visitor Visa Consultants

San Francisco


Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas

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Washington D.C.

Visit or Tourism, Travel to the USA

Whether you are visiting your friends or family or looking to travel to different places in USA or for medical purposes, the US B2 Visa is ideal for a short term travel who are visiting US for non business purposes. 

B1 visa is most suitable for the individual who is travelling to attend business meetings or scientific, educational and professional events and consult business associates.

When it comes to applying for a B1 visa for USA, GIEC Global UK is the Best Consultant for USA Visit Visa who can provide crucial assistance and support. Our expert team of US visitor visa consultants understand the complexities of the application process and can help you every step of the way to ensure a successful and stress-free experience.

Who can Apply Tourism B2 Visa?

Visiting Friends, family

Holiday or vacation


Social event participation

Enrollment into a short course of study like 3 days of cooking class

Please do not hesitate to contact GIEC Global UK for additional assistance and personalized support. Our knowledgeable US visitor visa consultants are here to assist you with your visa application or any other immigration-related questions.

Process of Application

Gathering Requirements

Online Application by completing DS-160 online form and uploading your photo. Bring the printed confirmation page of this online form during your interview.

Once you submit application form, book for an interview with U.S. consulate in your country.

Before going to the interview, ensure you have carried all the required documents like valid passport, confirmation page of the form DS-160, application fee payment receipt and additional documents that are required.

For smooth and successful visa application, get in touch with best consultant for USA visit visa, GIEC Global UK today.

Documents Required for Visa

Below are the basic documents required for your visa application. Please contact Best Consultant for USA Visit Visa, GIEC Global UK for a comprehensive list of particular requirements and specialized assistance. Our expert US visitor visa consultants will offer you with precise information targeted to your visa application needs.

Valid Passport

Proof of funds

Supporting evidence/letter presenting the reason you are visiting USA

Insurance coverage

Provide the details of the place and person you will be staying with


Provide evidence that you will return back to your home country

Financial Documents

Insurance and other supporting documents

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global UK

Expert guidance on requirements of visa for different countries

Help you understand the required documentation, eligibility criteria and procedures of application

Assistance in preparation of documents

Handles the submission of application ensuring documents are submitted correctly

If required, we provide assistance to prepare for interviews

Help secure suitable insurance coverage

Guidance on required financial documentation

Provide information on health related requirements, medical certificates, vaccinations, etc.

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frequently asked questions

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Do tourists need to meet any specific health or medical requirements to travel to the US?

Before your trip to the US, GIEC Global UK can provide information on the needed vaccines and safety measures.

Can GIEC Global UK help me with my travel arrangements to the US?

Yes, GIEC Global UK is able to offer advice on visa necessities, travel arrangements and cultural insights for your trip to the US.

What are the general guidelines for entering the US as a tourist?

Tourists typically require a current passport, a B-2 visitor visa or an ESTA for countries that qualify for a visa waiver.

How can GIEC Global UK assist with getting an ESTA or B-2 visa to travel to the US?

For a B-2 visa or ESTA, our expert advisors can walk you through the application process, necessary paperwork and submission procedures.

Can GIEC Global UK help me in the event of a crisis or unexpected event while I am in the US?

Yes, we can provide advice on how to deal with unexpected challenges, illness and other unexpected situations.

How can I extend my stay if I want to travel around the US for longer than I had originally intended?

Our expert advisors can advise you on extending your stay through appropriate methods such as extension of visa.

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