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The United States offers an explosion of job opportunities in a wide range of industries. The nation offers a wide range of job alternatives for individuals looking for career progression, from the banking areas of New York City to the innovation hubs of Silicon Valley. People who want to flourish in their jobs and be a part of a globally prominent workforce find the USA to be an appealing location because of its strong economy, emphasis on innovation, and diversified work settings.

GIEC Global UK is the best American immigration consultant that provides a trustworthy guide for people looking to work in the USA. The best US visa immigration consultants in GIEC Global UK successfully navigates the difficulties of acquiring work visas because to their in-depth knowledge of the complex U.S. immigration system, guaranteeing a smooth transfer for professionals. The experience of best American immigration consultant, GIEC Global UK opens the road for people to accomplish their career objectives in the US, from aiding with visa applications to offering insights into the U.S. labor market.

Most Demanded Job Categories

Technology and IT



finance & accounting

Business & management

skilled trades

healthcare technology

data analytics

envoronmental science

Benefits of Working in USA

Job opportunities

Global center for innovation and technology

Offers competitive salary

Opportunities of networking with top professionals of your field

Lifelong learning and skill development 

Cross cultural understanding

Have access to excellent resources, facilities and institutions

Quality of life

Opportunities for entrepreneurship

The best US visa immigration consultants in London is GIEC Global UK and we are here to make your goal of working in the United States a reality. The team of best American immigration consultant can assist you through the procedure of obtaining visas and work permits. The dedication of GIEC Global UK to assisting individuals in achieving their international career goals makes us an excellent partner in your drive to make your American dream come true.

Types of Work Permit in USA

There are unique qualifying requirements, circumstances, and requirements for each type of work visa. Because of these possibilities, USA is a desirable and appealing location for job seekers from a variety of professions, circumstances, and industries.

It’s crucial to remember that laws and visa requirements are subject to change. Consult the official website of the relevant government authorities for the most current and accurate information, or ask our best American immigration consultants at GIEC Global UK for guidance. To be eligible to work abroad, candidates must follow certain documents and application procedures for each type of visa.

H-1B Visa

Intended for professionals with specialized skills, the H-1B visa permits hiring foreign workers in a variety of industries, including IT, engineering, medical, and more.

L-1 Visa

Designed for intra-company transfers, the L-1 visa enables multinational businesses to bring over staff to their American workplaces who have specialized knowledge or leadership duties.

J-1 Visa

The J-1 visa includes a number of exchange visitor programs, such as employment and travel, research scholar, and cultural exchange programs, and it encourages cross-cultural interaction and the development of skills.

O-1 Visa

Reserved for individuals with exceptional talents or accomplishments in the arts, sciences, athletics, business, education, or other professions, the O-1 visa is for people who have excelled in their field.

TN Visa

Provided by the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the TN visa enables specialists in particular occupations to work in the USA. Citizens of Cana and Mexico can apply for this visa.

H-28 Visa

In industries like hospitality, tourism, and construction, temporary non-agricultural workers like seasonal or event workers are catered to by the H-2B visa.

E-3 Visa

The E-3 visa, which is only available to Australian nationals, offers professionals options in specialist occupations, much to the H-1B visa.

H-2A Visa

The H-2A visa enables firms to engage temporary agricultural workers from abroad when there is a lack of qualified domestic labor.

P Visa

Athletes, entertainers, and artists are all covered by this visa, which is broken down into a number of categories, including P-1 for athletes and P-2 for artists taking part in exchange programs.

R-1 Visa

Intended for religious workers, the R-1 visa enables those engaged in religious work to temporarily work for an accredited religious institution.


It permits people of Canada and Mexico to work in certain professions in the United States. The TN visa is made to make it easier for professionals to travel between the three nations for temporary employment.

Best US Visa Immigration Consultants, GIEC Global UK specializes in assisting individuals obtaining TN visas for the United States, providing expert advice on the application procedure, document preparation, and interview preparation. Their extensive knowledge of visa procedures and strong engagement with immigration officials increase the likelihood of a successful TN visa application. Below are some of the basic eligibility requirements for TN visa, for more details contact GIEC Global UK today.

Eligibility Requirements

Engineers, scientists, computer experts, teachers and health care workers are some of the professional jobs covered by TN visa.

Only the citizens of Canada or Mexico can apply for TN Visa.

An individual must have a job offer from a U.S. company for a position that is on the list of eligible TN occupations in order to apply for a TN visa.

In general terms, candidates must hold the required degrees or certificates for the particular TN occupation.

The TN visa is granted for employment that is temporary often lasting upto three years with the potential for an extension.

A letter clarifying the employment offer, the job description, necessary qualifications and other relevant details must be sent by the U.S. company.

Citizens of Mexico must apply the TN visa via. U.S. Embassy or consulate, while Canadian citizens can apply for TN status directly at the U.S. port of entry.

Individuals holding TN visa should not be considering permanent immigration to the US, however an extension can be requested.

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global UK

Provide reliable and current information, ensuring that you are aware of the needs and options that are open to you.

We access your unique circumstances including your qualifications, skills, employment offers and objectives and then suggest the best work permit category.

We help you gather and arrange all the paperwork required to submit during your application process.

We take care of filing your application to the appropriate immigration authorities and handling any follow up actions.

We take care of application process to help you save time and stress.

We ensure that the job offer and supporting documents meet the immigration requirements.

We make sure that your application complies with all the legal requirements reducing the possibility of mistakes that can result to rejection.

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What are the typical work visa alternatives available to UK citizens in the US?

Common choices include L-1 visas for transfers inside an organization, skilled worker H-1B visas and more.

For citizens of UK looking to work in the US, how does H-1B visa program operate?

We can provide you details on how H-1B program works to let US based companies hire qualified overseas workers.

As a citizen of the UK, am I allowed to bring my family with me when I work in the US?

Yes, you may bring your spouse and any dependent children with you on certain types of work visas.

How long does it usually take to process an application for a US work visa for UK citizens?

Processing period may vary based on the type of visa and the specific situation, GIEC Global UK can provide an estimated timeline.

Which US industries are looking for qualified workers?

There is frequently a need for qualified people from the UK in sectors like technology, healthcare, engineering and finance.

How do H-1B visa and an E-3 visa differ?

The E-3 visa is reserved only for Australian citizens, whereas the H-1B visa is for skilled workers. We can provide you details at GIEC Global UK.

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