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The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) preparation course is a well-organized and efficient program. Students can increase their language skills and learn useful information about the test style with the help of knowledgeable instructors and thorough study resources. IELTS training gives applicants the skills they need to perform with confidence and get their desired scores through extensive practice and mock exams.

GIEC Global UK is the best IELTS coaching center in London and is the best choice based on our knowledge and dedication to success. We have highly experienced IELTS instructors that can provide you with comprehensive assistance and techniques to thrive in all sections of the IELTS exam. We provide study materials, practice tests and study plans for IELTS preparation. GIEC Global UK encourages learning atmosphere and provides consistent feedback that enables you to gain confidence and achieve your goals.

IELTS Academic Training

Universities and educational institutions all around the globe accept the IELTS Academic as a valid indicator of English language proficiency. In order for candidates to pursue higher education possibilities abroad, it evaluates their language proficiency in an academic setting.

IELTS General Training

English language proficiency for academic settings is assessed by IELTS Academic, primarily for students planning to enroll in universities or other institutions overseas. In an academic setting, it evaluates reading, writing, speaking, and listening abilities.

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1. Listening




Eligibility for taking the PTE Exam

  • Must be 16 years of age or over 16
  • Must have your passport with you
  • Must fall into one of the categories: student seeking to study abroad or medical professional wishing to work in foreign countries
To check your eligibility for studying PTE and join class, contact best IELTS coaching center, GIEC Global UK now.

IELTS Preparation

Learn the structure and types of questions for the IELTS test

Practice sample tests and official IELTS preparation materials on a regular basis

Improve your language abilities, particularly in reading, writing, speaking and listening

Practice time management to do all tasks within the allocated time

Seek advice from trainers or enroll in a preparation course

Practice writing letters and essays on a variety of subjects in order to improve your writing abilities

Maintain your commitment to consistency and dedication

GIEC Providing IELTS Training

We at GIEC Global UK, best IELTS coaching center, provide thorough IELTS training to give clients the language proficiency and exam-winning techniques they need. Our knowledgeable trainers perform initial evaluations to determine individual needs before developing specialized study schedules for focused development. Candidates improve their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills with access to official IELTS practice materials, mock exams, and professional advice. We ensure students are well-prepared and confident on test day with the use of helpful test-taking tactics, and this helps them obtain their desired IELTS scores for fruitful migration or study plans.

Initial Evaluation

We establish the IELTS band score the applicant needs to acquire for their migration or study objectives after evaluating their language proficiency.

Tailored Study Program

For each individual our experts create personalized study plans depending on their skills and shortcomings in order to concentrate on areas that need improvement.

IELTS Practice Materials

We provide sample exams, practice questions and section-specific advices.

Mock Tests

Regular mock tests are given to candidates to assist them monitor their progress and to imitate the setting of the real exam.


Our experts analyze and comment on the candidates written assignments, offering tips on how to strengthen their coherence, vocabulary and grammar.

Speaking Practice

Our experts lead speaking practice sessions and provide helpful criticism on pronunciation, coherence and fluency.

Time Management

During the exams, we teach applicants how to effectively manage their time so that they can do all of the assignments within the allocated timeframe.

Exam Registration

We help students register for the IELTS exam, making sure they are well versed and ready for the test day.

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frequently asked questions

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What is IELTS test and why do I need to take the test?

IELTS is a test for language competence which is sued for immigration and academic purposes. You can improve your performance on the test and reach your desired score by training with GIEC Global UK.

Does GIEC Global UK offer practice resources and mock tests for IELTS preparation?

Yes, a variety of practice materials and mock tests are available from GIEC Global UK to assist you get familiarized to the test format.

Can GIEC Global UK help with IELTS vocabulary development and reading comprehension?

Yes, the exercises in our training programs will help you improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Did any students from GIEC Global UK achieve success through the training program?

Yes, there are a lot of students that have used our IELTS training program to reach their desired score.

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