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The dazzling city of Dubai, which is located in the United Arab Emirates, is a representation of modernism, innovation, and limitless opportunity. With its recognized skyscrapers, rich way of life, and rich cultural offerings, Dubai has gained recognition as a major hub for both business and pleasure around the world. 

GIEC Global is the best immigration consultancy Dubai in London that appears as a guiding light amidst the complexity of global migration. GIEC Global UK, best immigration agency in UK successfully negotiate the complicated relocation processes to Dubai thanks to their thorough expertise and dedication to quality. GIEC Global immigration consultancy Dubai is committed to easing the transfer to the vibrant city of Dubai, from interpreting visa possibilities to providing flawless documentation. The path is made easier by their continuous support, attention to detail, and individualized coaching, which transforms dreams of living in Dubai into a definite reality.

Advantages of Living in Dubai

Dubai’s excellent location unites the Eastern and Western markets, opening doors to networking and access to opportunities on a worldwide scale.

Residents of Dubai can keep more of their earning and assets because it has tax free environment.

High employment opportunity.

It provides exposure to a wide range of traditions, languages &  civilizations.

Low crime rate makes Dubai safe and secure for families and citizens.

Excellent healthcare services is provided to the residents of Dubai.

Access to quality education

Pathway to Dubai Migration

It’s important to remember that Dubai’s immigration laws and visa specifications are subject to change. Consult the official website of the relevant Dubai government authorities for the most current and correct information, or contact GIEC Global best immigration consultancy Dubai for guidance. In order to qualify for immigration to Dubai, applicants must follow particular documentation and procedures for each type of visa.

Employment Visa

Valid job offer 

Relevant qualifications and work experience related to the job

Specific certifications or licenses if required

Investor/ Entrepreneur Visa

Investment in a project or a firm in Dubai that meets the basic financial conditions

Business plan demonstrating the viability and possible economic impact of the proposed venture

Family Visa

A member of the family who already has a valid visa for residency in Dubai

Must meet certain financial requirements

Student Visa

Acceptance letter from a recognized University or college in Dubai

Provide evidence of financial ability to affor living expenses and school

Tourist Visa

No plans to work or study while in Dubai

Usually only valid for brief visits, subjects to hotel and return travel reservations

Medical Treatment Visa

Referral from Dubai Based Hospital 

Evidence in writing of the medical condition of patient and necessity for treatment in Dubai

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global UK

Provide reliable and current information, ensuring that you are aware of the needs and options that are open to you.

We access your unique circumstances including your qualifications, skills, employment offers and objectives and then suggest the best work permit category.

We help you gather and arrange all the paperwork required to submit during your application process.

We take care of filing your application to the appropriate immigration authorities and handling any follow up actions.

We take care of application process to help you save time and stress.

We ensure that the supporting documents meet the immigration requirements.

We make sure that your application complies with all the legal requirements reducing the possibility of mistakes that can result to rejection.

GIEC Global UK best immigration consultancy Dubai uses personalized approach and their knowledge can make you migration to Dubai more organized and successful, ensuring you have all the important information and support for your relocation.

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frequently asked questions

You can learn more from our asked questions

What documents are required for getting a work visa in Dubai?

In order to qualify for an employment visa in Dubai, you must normally have a work offer from an employer with offices in Dubai.

Can GIEC Global UK guide me with the Dubai Golden Visa for investors program?

Yes, our experts can help you navigate the requirements and paperwork for Dubai’s Golden Visa program.

Is there any age limit for family sponsored migration to Dubai?

There are various age restrictions for dependent family members on family sponsored members on family sponsorship visas Dubai. GIEC Global UK can provide you the details.

How can GIEC Global UK help in preparation of a strong Dubai migration application?

We offer assistance with document gathering, accurate form completion and application process guidance.

Can I travel to Dubai with my spouse or partner?

Yes, for migration purposes, Dubai accepts both same sex and opposite sex couples.

Can I relocate to Dubai for a job?

Yes, Dubai offers a variety of work visa options for qualified professionals in various industries.

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