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For individuals wanting to further their education in the USA, GIEC Global, best consultant for USA student visa in UK, is a recognized migration consultant who offers expert guidance. GIEC Global helps students navigate the challenging process of studying in the United States, from university selection to visa applications, with a dedicated group and an extensive list of services.

Why choose USA?

The USA is a diversified and energetic country renowned for its expansive landscapes, cultural diversity, and technological innovation. The USA offers a blend of urban excitement and natural beauty, from towering skyscrapers to breathtaking national parks, with cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C. Its cosmopolitan society welcomes a wide range of traditions, making it an ideal location for studies, professionals, and individuals from other countries looking for a truly worldwide experience. If you are looking for USA study visa consultant in UK, then GIEC Global UK is the best consultant near you.

World Class Education

The USA is renowned for its top universities and colleges that provide excellent education in a wide range of fields and award graduates with degrees that are acknowledged around the world.

Diverse Academic Options

Students can adapt their education to their interests and career aspirations by selecting from a wide range of programs and courses, providing a well-rounded academic experience.

Opportunities for Cutting Edge Research

The USA is a global leader in innovation and research, giving students the ability to work with professionals, use cutting-edge facilities, and contribute to ground-breaking discoveries.

Global Networking

Students who study in the US are exposed to a varied group of peers from around the world, which helps them build meaningful cross-cultural relationships and widen their professional networks.

Career Prospects

The USA lays a significant focus on practical learning, internships, and industry connections, which gives students the skills they need to flourish in the workplace and give them access to a wide range of professional options once they graduate.

Best Colleges and Universities

The United States is home to a wide range of world-class universities, each with its own set of strengths and opportunities. GIEC Global UK is the best consultant for USA Student Visa in London, UK, your one-stop destination for navigating this complex academic landscape. Our team of best US study visa consultants can offer you with extensive information about a variety of top universities in the United States, assisting you in understanding their academic programs, rankings, acceptance requirements, and scholarship opportunities. We take pleasure in providing personalized guidance, matching your goals and interests with the best educational institution for you. Whether you choose to attend Ivy League schools, research-intensive universities, or specialized colleges, GIEC Global UK, best consultant for USA student visa can help you make an informed decision and begin your fulfilling educational experience in the United States.

Application Procedure

Research and choose Course and University

Check requirements for Admission

Provide Language Proficiency

Gather requirements

Complete and submit application form via college website or educational agents

Prepare financial documents proving you can afford tuition and living expenses while in USA

Receive Offer Letter

Following the instructions, accept the offer letter and pay SEVIS fees and schedule an interview at U.S. embassy for an interview in your country

Attend the interview for visa with all the required documents

If your visa gets approved prepare to make arrangements to travel to USA

Make arrangements for travelling to Australia and arrange accommodation

Guidance and Assistance Provided by GIEC Global uk

Visa guidance and guidance on requirements of various countries, documentation, application procedure

Application preparation including preparation of documentation for visa application, ensuring accuracy and completeness

Selection of country, university and courses based on your goals, interest and preference

Handle application submission ensuring all required documents and forms are correctly submitted

If required, coaching for interview and preparation to help students confidently navigate the process of interview

Guidance financial documentation

Assistance in procuring required insurance policies

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Why should I think about studying in USA?

USA gives you an access to an excellent education system, a wide range of academic alternatives and a multi-cultural experience. For the students who are looking for a degree that is recognized around the world, colleges and universities in US are excellent choice due to the possibilities of research.

Are degrees from the US accepted in UK universities?

Yes, the degrees earned at reputable US universities are recognized in the UK. However, there might be a need of going through a process for degree recognition based on your career goals.

What are the conditions and requirements to study in the US?

Depending on the type of course and length of stay, the visa requirements may vary. GIEC Global UK can assist you with understanding and gathering the requirements for the visa, making it easier and smoother for you.

Am I able to work part time while I study in the US?

Yes, international students with F-1 visas are permitted to work part time on campus while they are enrolled in classes. We can provide you information related to the possibilities of employment and work regulations.

Are there any scholarships available for students who want to study in the US?

Yes, GIEC Global UK can assist you to find a variety of scholarships provided by universities and institutions in the US. We provide support when you are applying for scholarships, improving your chances of receiving scholarship.

Is it possible to transfer credits from a UK university to a US university?

Different institutions have different credit transfer policies. GIEC Global UK can offer you advice on the credit transfer procedure and assist you in determining which credits may be recognized by your preferred US institution

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