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Language Proficiency is required in certain countries for foreigners in order to ease communication, improve safety and ensure a pleasant experience while going overseas. English is a language that is recognized worldwide therefore, English language proficiency can benefit the individual travelling overseas in navigating transit, understanding safety instructions, communicating with authorities and seeking assistance in the event of an emergency. Some countries require English language proficiency as it will guarantee that the individual can engage with the surroundings, contribute positively to the local economy and most essential, protect their own and others safety.

GIEC GLOBAL UK is best English language providers and is committed to provide you the language proficiency and self-assurance required to succeed in a globalized society. Our extensive training programs are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students who want to improve their language proficiency for academic, professional, and personal success.


Our expert instructors with years of experience will assist you in your process of learning language.

We ensure holistic approach of skill development by including all areas in our programs.

Based on your particular needs and objectives, our training is adapted according to your individual learning preferences.

We provide you access to mock test that stimulated the environment of the exam that will help you gain confidence.

We provide you constructive feedback to better understand your strengths and areas for development.

PTE Exam Format

PTE Training

Our PTE (Pearson Test of English) training course is designed for people who want to provide proof of their English language proficiency for academic, professional, or immigration plans. You will gain the language proficiency required to succeed on the PTE exam through engaging training sessions, practice exams, and helpful feedback. Our instructors are dedicated to assisting you in understanding the exam format and developing successful techniques to guarantee your success. Book your appointment with best English language agent for immigration London, GIEC Global UK today.

IELTS Training

Our IELTS training courses are crafted carefully to assist you succeed in both your academic and professional goals. You will be fully prepared to succeed in all IELTS exam areas under the direction of experienced tutors, with individualized coaching, and with the help of an extensive selection of practice materials. Our IELTS training gives you the abilities you need to succeed, whether you’re looking for international work prospects or higher education opportunities overseas. Book your appointment with best English language agent for immigration London, GIEC Global UK today.

Toefl Training

The training we provide for the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) opens doors to opportunities overseas. Our thorough curriculum and committed trainers will walk you through all aspects of the TOEFL exam, whether you’re getting ready for college admissions or improving your abilities in international communication. You will be well-equipped to earn an exceptional TOEFL score by focusing on crucial language abilities and test-taking strategies. Book your appointment with best English language agent for immigration London, GIEC Global UK today.

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Why should I take English language test?

Exams like TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE are necessary to prove your English language competency for immigration, job applications, visa applications and university admissions.

How can I sign up for a training program at GIEC Global UK?

Visit our website or in person in office, or contact us via phone or email to enroll into the training programs.

Can GIEC Global UK assist me in comprehending the test format?

Definitely, we go over the test formats, sections and questions types in great depth in our training sessions.

How can I monitor my progress throughout the training course?

To assist you track your progress, we offer periodical evaluations, practice exams and progress monitoring tools.

Can GIEC Global UK help me to register for tests?

Yes, we can assist you to book and register for the required tests or you can apply it yourself visa official exam websites.

Do I need specific score to apply for the universities?

The score criteria vary between universities and programs. We can guide you through the required score and how to achieve that score to apply for the universities.

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